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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get your oysters?
    Restaurants, caterers, wholesalers and other businesses should contact us at 516 356 0326 or To order by the dozen or bag of 100 for home use please click on the "Buy Oysters" link at the top of the page.
  • Do you deliver?
    We deliver to restaurants, caterers, distributors and other businesses on Long Island and in New York City. We ship everywhere else in the continental US. Delivery fees may apply. If you live on the Island and you're ordering oysters for home use, we will have the oyster van at Mill Dam Park In Huntington, NY Saturdays from 9AM to Noon. Orders we receive by 8PM Wednesday will be in the van and available to pick up Saturday. The Mill Dam Park address is 25 Mill Dam Rd, Huntington, NY. The oyster van is a deep sea blue Sprinter.
  • What kind of oysters do you grow?
    We grow Eastern Oysters aka Crassostrea Virginia. This is the same oyster grown up and down the East Coast of North America from the Canadian Maritimes to Florida. Malpeques, Wellfleets, Blue Points, Chesapeake Bay oysters, and Apalachicolas are all C. Virginica. The differences among Eastern oysters are due to the local conditions where they grow. Things like the salinity, turbidity and temperature of the water all factor into the merroir; the oyster version of terroir. We call our oysters Peconic oysters as a nod to their Peconic Bay provenance.
  • Can I eat oysters your oysters year-round?
    Yes! We harvest our oysters 52 weeks a year. There are variations in flavor and size depending on the season. Best to eat them regularly so you don't miss out on the differences from one month to the next.
  • How do you ensure the safety of your oysters for consumption?
    The most important factor is ensuring oyster chill. As soon as we haul our oysters out of the bay we chill them to <45° right on the oyster barge and keep them chilled until they get to you. The NY Dept of Environmental conservation monitors and inspects our operation to be sure we're following best HACCP practices.
  • How are your oysters grown?
    We grow our oysters 20' below the surface of Peconic Bay in cages that provide protection from predators while allowing the natural tidal flow to run through the cages and provide a steady stream of nutrients. Every six weeks the oysters are hauled to the surface for tumbling and grading. This process ensures deep cups, strong shells and great fill.
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